As Administrator of The Family Physician Insurance Program for the American Academy of Family Physicians, I’ve worked with my fair share of consultants. I recently called on Ed for help with a specific issue. Without a favorable solution, it could have cost us a tremendous amount of time and money. The first thing I noticed was Ed’s level of ownership over my problem. The sense of urgency he felt and the commitment he had to a positive outcome were critical. Most importantly, he was able to leverage relationships he’s made over his career working in our industry to gather the necessary resources to solve the problem.

No one in our industry has a magic touch, but it helps knowing there are people you can call on who are passionate about their work and have put in the time to hone their craft. I heartily recommend Ed to your organization, he’ll help your business, and more importantly, the next time a situation arises you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Ed is a partner who is equally committed to a good outcome.
— Tom Koch, President, AAFP Insurance Services, Inc.
Our members are very interested in health care – whether it is cost, coverage’s or benefits. As we’ve tried to meet the health-related needs of our members, Ed Miltenberger has proven to be an extremely valuable advisor.
With his help, we’ve been able to improve our health-related member benefit offerings and enhance our health insurance program.

Ed Miltenberger’s knowledge and expertise in the health-care field is second-to-none.
— Jay Murdock, Director of Member Services, Georgia Farm Bureau