Insurance Carrier:
An entity who issues, and assumes the risk of, an insurance policy.

CAAGS identifies the core strengths and competencies to help insurance companies enhance their products, reduce expenses, and improve distribution.

Insurance carriers are facing some challenging dynamics in today's marketplace:

  • Compliance with relentless regulatory changes
  • Constant demands for product innovation
  • Growing product lines and nurturing processes to retain and expand your client base
  • Optimizing distribution in order to maximize your ROI
  • Off-loading inefficient products or services

CAAGS is well versed in managing change and improving the value proposition for any organization. Here is a partial list of how CAAGS can help you:

  • Review your current administrative platforms and evaluate the various options for efficiencies.
  • Work with inside and outside resources to develop new products and manage the filing process.
  • Determine different distribution channels for maximum effectiveness.
  • Help implement change within your organization and client base.
  • Begin engaging and empowering your customers, sales team, and prospects to improve your revenues and profits.
  • Connect you to the right people in the right place at the right time.