Affinity Group: A group of people linked by a common interest or purpose

CAAGS is helping associations increase revenue, engage their members, and deliver exceptional benefits.

There are many formidable issues facing affinity groups currently which can become a nuisance during the process of building membership and enhancing the benefits offered. These issues include:

  • The inherent difficulty creating a meaningful value proposition
  • Decreasing membership numbers
  • Stale member benefit packages
  • Loss of relevance to young professionals
  • Frustrating partnerships which lack creativity

Here are just a few examples of how CAAGS can help you:

  • Review your current portfolio of member benefits and assess the various options for change.
  • Work with inside and outside resources to develop new products and/or relationships to add value to your offerings, negotiate better contracts, and maintain high quality products and product management.
  • Evaluate different distribution channels for maximum effectiveness, including web marketing, ease of application, and face to face partnerships.
  • Help implement change within your organization and member base.
  • Begin engaging and empowering your staff, member benefits team, and all the current and prospective participants in member services to improve your revenues and profits.